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IM'AGO PRIMORDIALIS exhibition, Seattle, July 2016 by donfarrell
IM'AGO PRIMORDIALIS exhibition, Seattle, July 2016
July 9 - September 3, 2016
at Krab Jab Studio, Seattle USA

Artworks by :
Brigid Marlin, Peter Gric, Iain Whittaker, Roku Sasaki, Tomasz Alen Kopera, Steven Kenny, Liba W. Stambollion, Igor Grechanyk, Martina Hoffmann, Amanda Sage, Autumn Skye Morrison, Susannah Martin, Andrew Gonzalez, Otto Rapp, Forest Rogers, Jean Pronovost, Miguel Tio, Benjamin Vierling, Jeff Mihalyo, Don Farrell, Yvette Endrijautzki, William Fahey and Bryan K. Ward.
Curated by : Don Farrell, in association with Krab Jab Studio

Knowing doesn't reside in the knower,
nor does truth in what is known,
but in between."
- "A Mystical Epistemology", Peter Reason

Mystery has been banished; everything must be defined. And yet, while analytical thought bestows many gifts upon civilization, we remain insatiable. As if the unknown, itself, is the very ferment of community, humility, love....and life.

Embracing mystery as a source of inspiration, Fantastic Realists from around the world present this exhibition of numinous, visionary art - to reawaken feeling and intuition marginalized in today's cynical analyses.

Like the mystical traditions of countless cultures, their works assign symbols to The Unknowable, reaching through the ephemeral illusion we have come to know as reality, to an underlying, timeless, spiritual narrative. Universal mythology is interpreted with vivid imagination, and masterful technique renders it believably real.

Beneath the veil of seeming, an intuitive, visual language suggests that we are all part of something glorious, yet unrevealed. Fulfillment reflects from mystery in the primordial image, encouraging us to find, within ourselves, a unique understanding beyond the grasp of intellect...a feeling of connection...our own personal harmony with an ancient melody that is often unheard amidst the dissonance of perpetual immediacy.
Twilight Chandelier (Version 2.5) by donfarrell
Twilight Chandelier (Version 2.5)
acrylic on canvas, 39 x 29 cm framed....originally created in 1995, but recently brought back to my work table for a facelift.  Many thin, semi-transparent layers over the original, to give it more richness, vibrance.  This is the new version  :-)
Twilight Chandelier (Versions 2 and 2.5) by donfarrell
Twilight Chandelier (Versions 2 and 2.5)
Here is my little decorative work, "Twilight Chandelier" (Version 2), before and after its recent facelift.  :-)


Don Farrell
United States
- Dreams and Divinities celebrates the Spring Equinox 2014 with a new collection of Visionary works at Museo La Enseñanza, Casa de la Ciudad, in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Opening reception 21 March, with other related cultural events 21-26 March, and the exhibition remaining on display through 21 April. This collection includes works by Don Farrell, Alex Sastoque, Carrie Ann Baade, Bruce Rimell, Elisabeth Slettnes, Gabriela Garza Padilla, Hector Pineda, Iain Whittaker, Gromyko Semper, Regine Kafeder, Roku Sasaki, Sarah Zambiasi, Vesna Krasnec, Otto Rapp, Sabina Nore, Timea Tallian, Liba Stambollion and more.

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Amazing work, sorry for so many favorites, I'm a collector of sorts = ) 
donfarrell Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015
I am glad you like it, thanks for looking  :-)
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Thank you!  And thanks for looking through my works...I appreciate the enthusiasm  :-)  Cheers!
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'Flores' Graphite Drawing by pesterhugo
donfarrell Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
You're's a great drawing  :-)
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WOW your work is incredible!!
donfarrell Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
I'm glad you have enjoyed discovering it.  Thanks a lot  :-)
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Happy Birthday :iconbeauroseplz: :iconchampagneplz:
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